Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program about?

KFP is an employment & training program funded by the National Farmworker Jobs Program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor.  KFP's services are offered to people who are seeking work, want to improve their work-related skills, or want greater financial stability that comes with a better job. These programs also provide assistance to employers who are looking for trained qualified employees.

What services are provided?

Employment & training services range from information about local job listings to financially supported occupational training. Included are job referrals, assessment of education & skill levels, career counseling, assistance with obtaining occupational credentials or educational certificates, job placement assistance and supportive services.  Beyond information and referral, services are tailored to meet the abilities and needs of individual customers, and supported by KFP's Employment & Training Specialist.

What kind of jobs or training do you have?

Jobs are varied and diverse. We work with the existing industry and educational facilities in a community. For more information on services, training or available jobs visit our website, contact KFP or the local Employment & Training Specialist in your area.

Does KFP charge a fee for services?

No. There is no fee for those that are eligible for our services.